Friday, June 17, 2005


Conservative revolution, my ass


That's the percentage of Americans who think President Bush is doing a good job, according to a New York Times/CBS poll released today.


That's the percentage of Americans who disapprove of Bush's performance, according to the same poll.

Americans apparently aren't very impressed with our president these days. His arrogant ideological activism, his embarrassing continued bumbling in Iraq, his lies that got us in that mess, his insistence on destroying Social Security, his self-serving sanctimoniousness over Terri Schiavo, his tax cuts that benefit only the super wealthy, his ever-expanding budget and resulting uber-deficit have apparently all worked together to leave Americans decidedly unenthusiastic about our White House these days.

The low general approval ratings mask even lower ratings on Bush's handling of specific issues like Social Security (25%), foreign policy (39%), the economy (also 39%), and the war in Iraq (7% "very well," 33% "somewhat well"). Only 45% said we should have even gone over there in the first place, as opposed to 51% who said we should have never even considered it.

Compareing Bush's 42% general approval rating with that of other recent presidents at this very point in their tenures - Clinton, 60%; Reagan, 59% - one quickly realizes what an embarrassment this must be to the Bush administration and conservatives everywhere. In other words, in spite of an avalanche of corporate money and a right wing propaganda monolith of think tanks, pundits, publishers, magazines and bloggers, the public ain't buying it, plain and simple. But try to tell it to Bush, who once said, "Look, I don't care about the numbers. I know the facts."

Oh, and just in case any of you whiny right-wingers out there doubt the veracity of anything put out by the New York Times and CBS, consider Bush's approval rating according to other recent polls: Associated Press-Ipsos, 43%; Gallup, 47%; Washington Post/ABC, 48%. I'm yet to hear of an American Spectator/Fox News poll, but if there were such a thing, I'm sure you right-wingers would probably like its results.

More on Ken Tomlinson

NPR's Morning Edition reported this morning that Corporation for Public Broadcasting chief Kenneth Y. Tomlinson is also heads the obscure parent of Voice of America radio. VOA began broadcasting to Nazi-occupied Europe in 1942 and since then has provided news throughtout the globe, especially to people living under oppression. One might think this would be pro-American propaganda, but quite the opposite is true. VOA has always committed itself to fairness, accuracy and balance, and is most decidedly not a government press agancy. It truly has served as a beacon throughout the world to the true American way.

Well, Tomlinson of course wants to change that and has pressured reporters and editors to slant coverage of events in Iraq, downplaying any American setbacks and emphasizing happy feature stories. You know, Americans passing out candy bars to children. I'm all in favor of upbeat news myself, but the overall picture seems to be that Tomlinson wants to turn VOA from an independent source of reliable journalism into a red, white and blue version of Pravda.

But instead of reading me ramble on, listen for yourself to the NPR story:

Quote of the Day
From the files of idiotic Republican statements:

"Is the country still here?"
-Calvin Coolidge, waking up from a nap.

Actually, smart ass (hey, you are a smart Democrat(ass, not elephant), right? :-) ), Fox News does have a poll, showing Pres. Bush with a 48% approval rating, as of June 15th. On August 4th, 2004, just 3 months before the elections, Pres. Bush was at his all time lowest approval rating, 44%. He then went on to pummel John Kerry in the election winning his second victory over Democrat contenders. Praise God that President George Bush doesn't rule by polls like Clinton did.

Lets address the Democratic line of hogwash that you've reitterated:
"arrogant ideological activism" - gosh, that sounds terrible - but doesn't "ideological activism" describe anyone who is passionate about their ideas and acts to imploy them? "Arrogant" is defined as "pride" or "excessive belief in one's own abilities." Do you really have any evidence to suggest that Pres. Bush is prideful, or has excessive belief in his own abilities? Isn't it just that you liberals despise those who believe in absolutes? Again, yes, Pres. Bush doesn't change his values at the drop of a hat (or should I say Poll) like Clinton and Kerry. "embarrasing continued bumbling in Iraq" - hardly. The only reason you liberals are against the war in Iraq is that you weren't the ones who started it. Have their been mistakes? Sure, but no more than any war. "lies that got us in that mess" That is just pure slander - absolute slander. You have NO, I mean absolutely NO evidence that Pres. Bush ever lied about the war. Honestly, there is not even anything to SUGGEST that Pres. Bush or his administration ever lied. Saddam Hussain got us into that war, when he invaded Kuwait, continued to attempt to shoot down our plains during the cease fire, and did everything he could to make everyone think he was making weapons of mass destruction. "his insistence on destroying Social Security" - do you really think that? I don't beleive you do. I can't, because, again, there is NOTHING to suggest that Pres. Bush is doing this. Do you liberals THINK, or just parrott the lines of the democrat party? "self serving sanctimoniousness over Terri Schiavo" - wow, this one really makes me mad. Here is a woman that by all accounts was MURDERED by her ex-husbad, and assisted in that by the legal system. You say that the President was "sactimonious" - but how is he sanctimonious in believing that the state should punish the guilty and protect the innocent? "his tax cuts that benefit only the super wealthy" - again, a nice line, but there is nothing to suggest this is true. Why do you liberals hate rich people so much? Especially since most of your parties political funds come from them, and most of your candidates are rich as well? You are right in saying that there is an ever expanding budget - an issue that many conservatives have a problem with. HOWEBER, I am not one of them! My personal budget is ever expanding right now as well - I have quite a bit of debt, but it is not a bad thing, because that debt is an investment, that will make me richer in the long run. Wealthy people go into debt to be successful - its called leverage. Pres. Bush is supporting good debt, and some bad debt, for good reasons. (political leverage to do good things).
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