Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm back!

The Mouth has returned after a few days on the road. Quite a bit of mail has piled up, so let's take a look at some of the highlights.

In response to the selection of right-wing quotes I put out last week to balance some unfortunate words from Howard Dean:

Keep it comin'. You're right. Anne Coulter with her obscene rages gives the left more ammo than she does her own cause. I don't think I've seen a more hateful person on the airwaves before.
- Throat Deep

Thanks Throat Deep. Keep readin' and I'll keep it comin'.

Another reader writes:

Actually, I'm a big Howard Dean fan. I hope he continues to lead the Democratic party...right into the grave. Yes, you're right, there isn't a lot of difference in what Dean says and Coulter says, except that Coulter isn't the head of the Democratic party. Dean may be a delight to extremist liberals but there is no doubt that he's driving a lot of Dems. to the Republican party.Go Dean! Go Dean!
- Brian

Dean most certainly will drive the Democrats into the grave if he doesn't learn to watch his mouth. I readily admit it, being as this is a true no-spin zone as opposed to a mere imitator I'm hearing about on Fox News. And it's not just me. The Democratic party leadership openly repudiated Dean and also met with him to make sure no more of this happened. Can the GOP say the same for their handling of Tom Delay?

Brian, that's what separates us liberals from you conservatives. We admit our mistakes, something you conservatives will never do. Look at the White House for an example. Instead of acknowledging that Anne Coulter's comments are wrong and shameful, you instead make excuses. Well, at least she's not head of the party like Howard Dean, you say. But I'm not surprised. That's the typical moral double-standard we've all come to expect from you guys.


In my recent posting on less-than-flattering poll results for our president, I said I was not aware of a Fox News poll showing the president's approval rating. A reader has pointed out that Fox News does indeed have a poll showing a truly unimpressive 48 percent approval for President Bush. The Mouth regrets the error and thanks this observant fan.

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