Tuesday, July 05, 2005


The Mouth goes literary

Today I offer you a poem:

"Cheney Says Iraq Insurgents Are in 'Last Throes'"
-by Calvin Trillin, reprinted from The Nation magazine

When rockets fly and battle smoke is thick.
It's good to hear from "Four Deferments Dick."
He's always sure. He knows what warfare is-
Enough to know it's not for him or his.
Insurgents somehow, though they're in the throes,
Kill more GIs - but no one Cheney knows.

A quick peek into the mailbag

Frequent reader Throat Deep responds to my Independence Day prayer from yesterday:

Excellent sumnation of our American Experiment. We are such a unique country with a unique history - we've changed the world in so many ways, mostly for the better. I hope we remember what our core values truly are...to practice what we claim to preach. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. The forum to exchange ideas and create an atmosphere to become your most complete self.

Thanks, TD. Couldn't have said it better myself. Truly practicing what we collectively preach is the most American thing we can do.

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