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Well, it appears Abe Lincoln was right, after all. Americans seem to be catching on.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday shows that more Americans think President Bush is playing hard and fast with the truth, as opposed to those who think ol' W is the straight-shootin' Texan he pretends to be. Asked whether Bush is "honest and straightforward," 45 percent of those polled said he is not, while 41 percent said he is. Bush has suffered in this area since January when the same poll showed that 50 percent said he was honest and strightforward and 36 percent said he was not.

I think you know how I feel about Bush. I won't call him a liar, because I have more respect for the presidency than the right-wingers who threw every childish name they could think of at Clinton. But let me paraphrase Honest Abe and say that Bush shows his utmost devotion to the truth by using it sparingly.

As for Bush's overall job performance, numbers look equally dismal. Forty-nine percent of those polled expressed their disapproval. Forty-six percent said they approve of his performance. The same poll given in May found an even 47-to-47-percent-tie on Bush's overall performance.

“It’s a bad period for the president,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted the survey with Republican Bill McInturff. Hart attributes Bush’s problems to “one part the economy, two parts Iraq, and one part everything else.”

Speaking to NBC News, Hart expressed surprise that Bush's numbers had not taken a bounce in the positive direction in the wake of the London bombings last week.

Lest we Democrats get too smug, respondents heaped equal amounts of scorn on both parties for their behavior and ability to get things done. To those results, I would echo a big amen. Let me put it this way: Currently, the Democratic Party is not as detestable as the GOP, but they're plenty awful, too.

What a sad, sad commentary for you, Mouth, that you have such disdain for what may be the most God fearing President of the 20th and 21st Century. I really think you need to examine your heart on this! I've seen absolutely no proof, or even evidence that suggest that President Bush has ever lied or played loose with the truth. Rather, he has been a man of his word, sometimes even to the dismay of some Republicans. Pres. Bush means what he says, and he says what he means (in quite a stark contrast to Clinton). You criticize Republicans for calling Clinton a liar, but, the difference is, that Clinton IS a liar! Even Dems in congress marveled at how he constantly lied with such ease, and, we also know that he lied UNDER OATH!

I really think that you bitter, bitter hatred for Pres. Bush, Tom Delay, Carl Rove, or anyone else who progresses the policies of the Republican party is just..well, sour grapes. You still think that somehow the election was stolen from you in 2000, and you're still shell shocked that, with the strongest push libs have ever even conceived, you lost again to Pres. Bush in 2004. Man, and..I can't imagine how much every thing inside you must scream out at the thought of us conservatives placing up to 3 Supreme Court nominees on the bench!

Ease up Mouth! You may hate Bush's policies, and all the things us conservatives are doing, but just like you, he's a good guy, just staring down a different pair of spectacles.
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