Monday, October 24, 2005


What Horrigan saw at the revolution

Post-Distpatch columnist Kevin Horrigan yesterday described what he saw at last week's right-wing pep rally at the St. Charles Family Arena, a star-studded affair with Sean Hannity and Oliver North. You can read about it here.

For those who don't wish to read Horrigan's column, it sounds like right-wingers are desperately trying to hold onto the illusion that they're on the vanguard of a revolution that has been fizzling and sputtering recently. Yes folks, I'm afraid 2005 will be to conservatives what 1972 turned out to be for liberals, a milestone year in which the rest of America tired and turned away from an ideological fringe's increasingly bizarrre and extreme excesses.

In the meantime, the right-wingers party on at the Family Arena with Hannity, who seems bankrupt of any idea beyond "Liberals hate America," and Oliver North, a thrice-convicted felon who lied to Congress (How is it that conservatives hate Clinton for lying to an FBI agent about having sex with a bimbo, but call North a hero for lying under oath to Congress over selling arms to one of our worst enemies in order to capitulate to terrorists?).

In the meantime, President Bush, whom they had trusted to carry the revolution to its ultimate destiny labors under an all-time-low 39-percent approval rating.

Americans are clearly saying, "Let's move on," but to what I'm not sure they really know.

Interesting comments from the party with no ideas, and no majority.

I'll have to review the whole Oliver North deal, it's been a while. What I do remember, though, is that the U.S. did NOT sell arms to one of our worst enemies, unless you think that Isreal is one of our worst enemies. Funny how liberals can't ever seem to tell the truth - they always have to leave something out twist something to impune the character of those who you hate.
Be careful, you might want to back up from that last sentence - it was Iran that we secretly sold arms to, not Israel. Yes, they were, and still are, an enemy of our beloved country.
I'd almost have to agree with Brian M. about the Democrats' current lack of ideas. But with those approval ratings (Or are they more accurately called disapproval ratings at this point?)and 2,000+ dead in Iraq, America might decide no ideas are better than bad ones.
Not true, Throat Deep. Check your facts, we did NOT sell arms to Iran. We sold arms to Isreal, and Isreal sold arms to Iran.

Oh, and you're right Ms. Mouth, Democrats have done a very good job of winning the image war as of late.
OK, so you are technically correct, while refusing to acknowledge that the U.S. and Israel conspired together to sell weapons to Iran, one of our worst enemies, in exchange for hostages.

This act of capitualation to terrorists would have made Neville Chamberlain proud, and certainly flies in the face of all the big, bad talk about how President Reagan stood up to Iran.

Oliver North was later convicted of lying to Congress. His conviction was overturned only on a technicality. He has nothing to be proud of, nor should anyone worship this guy.
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