Thursday, December 22, 2005


The mouth has reopened for business

Sorry to the half-dozen or so habituees of this blog who have missed me these past couple of weeks. You know how it is around Christmas (Yes, we liberals celebrate Christmas, too.)

Speaking of Christmas, in the true spirit of giving, isn't it amazing how right-wingers love to give and receive apocryphal e-mails from unknown sources. You know what I'm talking about. I'm sure you get them all the time: some wingnut's screed that supposedly further justifies every conservative's viewpoint. I got one of those again today, allegedly from Andy Rooney. According to this e-mail, Andy went on a real tear a few weeks ago, spewing the kind of xenophobic, racist, anti-intellectual trash that would make every angry, insecure white male loser proud. It seemed pretty suspicious to me, considering that Andy Rooney is a certifiable left-winger and conservatives often rail against him.

So I checked it out on, the best place to check out these things. Of course this e-mail turns out to be one more lie from some pathetic right-winger who can't be bothered to at least be truthful and honest. According to the ever-reliable Snopes, Rooney disclaimed this screed on 60 Minutes a couple of months ago with this statement:

"There's a collection of racist and sexist remarks on the Internet under a picture of me with the caption ‘ANDY ROONEY SAID ON 60 MINUTES.’ If I could find the person who did write it using my name I would sue him."

To read this piece of character defamation against Andy Rooney, click here.

To read a similary screed falsely attributed to George Carlin (but different from the George Carlin e-mail I wrote about a few weeks ago), click here.

Apparently, this fake commentary from Andy Rooney has been so widely spread around that yesterday, Snopes named it one of the Top 25 Urban Legends of 2005, as listed here.

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