Thursday, December 08, 2005


What I think of conservatives

So most of you know, I'm not a big fan of today's conservative movement. It's a sad alliance between big business, which pays the movement's bills, and the religious right, which gets voters to the polls. As long as the business types show indifference toward Jerry Falwell's rantings and the religious types turn a blind eye on big business' assaults on American families, both sides are happy. Leading this spectacle is George W. Bush, who believes only in George W. Bush, and has merely cast his lot with the plutocrats and theocrats as they work together to keep him in the White House. That leaves the vast majority of Americans out in the cold. I think the whole arrangement stinks, and that's why I write this blog.

So that's what I think of conservatism these days. Now, what do I think of conservatives, themselves? I think that's worth exploring. To read my writings, one could easily believe that I hate folks on the right and and that I think they make a bunch of rude, nasty people. Clarification, I believe, is in order. So let me tell you how I feel about folks who adhere to conservatism:

*I think most conservatives are good, decent people. They love their families, they love America, and they love God. I probably know and associate with more conservatives than I do liberals, and that should tell you something.

*Most conservatives are not ideologues. They believe government has been too intrusive. They believe they pay too much in taxes. They fear what will happen if we weaken our national defense. They wish they could raise their children in a more civil, decent society, and they seek moral leadership that will display the same values they celebrate in church each Sunday.

*Most conservatives are not interested in this liberal-conservative, red state-blue state garbage. They don't listen to talk radio or read the American Spectator. They don't put ridiculous bumper stickers on their cars. They quietly believe what they believe and understand it's best to keep one's political beliefs to oneself.

*Most conservatives are not in it for the money, and their votes are not primarily for their own pocketbooks. Their interest in corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy is marginal and mostly nonexistent. If they do believe in said breaks for the wealthy, it's because they sincerely believe those breaks will benefit us all in the long run.

*Most conservatives would do anything to help a stranger who they saw in need. At the same time, many of these same people show a certain indifference to the idea of helping those in need when they go to the polls or exercise their political voice.

*Too many conservatives believe that peace can only be attained at gunpoint.

*Too many conservative men seem to be conservatives only out of machismo, a vicarious hope that if they take a hardline stance on issues like foreign diplomacy, criminal justice and multiculturalism, onlookers will view them as sufficiently manly.

*Many conservatives believe their political philosophy best reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, too many of them believe that ONLY their philosophy reflects the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, I know most conservatives believe in every American's right to decide upon their own religious values.

*Too many conservatives seem to fall every election year for the mudslinging, push-polling and hot-button rhetoric that the GOP knows will work so well. The Republican leadership also knows they can easily get most middle-class and even poor conservatives to vote against their own interests every time with a good wedge issue like gays or gun control.

*Many conservatives are catching on, and seeing the disaster in the White House, are increasingly becoming less conservative.

To summarize, I think most conservatives are good people. They're also are motivated by values and issues that are rational and truly important. I just happen to disagree with the conclusions that many of them draw.

Next time we'll talk about how I feel about liberals.

I would add that most conservatives are probably scratching their heads over the recent fiscal actions of their party.
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