Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Today I've been too speechless to gloat.

Instead, I've been shocked by the complete and almost total trail of Democratic victories from sea to shining sea. I went to bed last night thinking Jim Talent had clenched his first electoral victory, cementing what would probably be a long Senate tenure. Instaed, I woke this morning to find that Claire McCaskill had pulled it through. Apparently, those urban and even suburban votes from St. Louis and Kansas City hadn't been counted yet. My only regret here in the Show-Me State was the failure of the tobacco tax amendment, a victory of the tobacco lobby, which financed endless TV ads painting the measure as a political boondoggle.

This evening, the jury's still out on the Senate race in Virginia, but it appears Macaca Allen is poised to go down. Win or lose, the Republicans have lost the Senate, and at best will have to share it with the Dems. From Maryland to Montana, Republicans have fallen in all key races, save for Tennessee, where a little race-baiting again proved effective.

Even in Texas, the Massachusetts of the Right, Democrats made a few strides. In Dallas County, Dems swept countywide races, something unthinkable even a few years ago. On the Gulf Coast, Tom Delay's Congressional district fell to Democrat Nick Lampson. Even unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell showed a far greater standing in a four-way race than anyone would have expected a few weeks back.

And then to hear that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned. Well, it's just too much for my left-wing heart to take.

The first time I paid close attention to a political race was as a 12-year-old in 1980. You know what happened then. I suppose I came of political age that night, not realizing that it would be a long 26 years. Is a new wave of change coming or was yesterda just a speed bump in our long ride through the status quo? I certainly have my own beliefs on that, but I suppose we'll all have to stay tuned.

Perhaps tomorrow, we can discuss the meaning of all this. For tonight, I'll just bask.

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